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Dingač Grande Madirazza

Dingač Grande Madirazza is characterized by notes of cherry, plum, herbalism and dark chocolate, which are more pronounced on the scent. while Balsamic notes are more pronounced on the palate.

The later harvest that takes place in the second half of September marks a higher extract and a much denser tannin structure.

At the same time a wine is elegant, fresh and extremely drinkable. It goes great with venison and complex beef dishes like Wellington Beef.

Dingač Selection Madirazza

Dingač Selection Madirazza is characterized by aromas of ripe raspberries, blackberries, violets and refined earthy aromas and spices. This wine has a full-bodied and persistent taste.

The aroma of black berries, good ripe tannins, and mild minerality with gentle spices, give this wine an experience of elegance and a beautiful fruity finish that lasts.

It is nice to serve it with venison, brudet, pasticada, prosciutto, more spicy and fatty fish, roast goose and duck, and beef steak.

Grk Herakles Madirazza

Grk Herakles Wine Madirazza is rich in primary, citrus-herbal aromas, which are followed by rich aromas of dried fruits and dried flowers with a characteristic varietal bitterness at the very end of the tasting.

We recommend to serve it with cooked white fish, gregada, mature and less intense cheeses, roast veal and grilled squid.

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Cellar Madirazza

Cellar Madirazza

After the carefully selected grapes from the harvest, we move to the cellar, the place where our wine magic is created.

Using traditional values, acquired experience and modern technology, we produce and nurture top quality wines of the autochthonous varieties Plavac Mali, Pošip, Grk and Rukatac.

At a carefully selected moment, when they are ripe and stable, we bottle them and leave them to you to enjoy!


Vinyards Madirazza

Vinyards Madirazza

Our vineyards are located on the Pelješac Peninsula and cover more than 20 hectares of land.

The unique positions of the vineyards and the variety of positions allow us to plant the vines of each variety in the most suitable locations.

The most significant locations that mark our winery and bring the best quality grapes from which our top wines of the Plavac Mali variety are Dingač and Postup!

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