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A brief history

Peljesac is a peninsula recognizable for top quality wine. Our vision is to offer the highest quality wines that reflect a blend of long tradition, but also modern ideas that guarantee luxurious and full taste, while each new sip reveals a wealth of aromas.

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winery, activities

Activities within the winery

We enjoy introducing you to our process, ideas, history and basement. A unique experience will allow you to enjoy wine with all your senses.

Enjoy traditional snacks while tasting Madirazza wineries.

Dingač Tunnel

The Dingač location is considered to be one of the most perfect locations for planting vineyards in the world. The vineyards bathed in the sun and full of minerals from the rich soil were difficult to access for the Potomljani until 1971, when the 400 m long Dingač tunnel was dug. The unique micro-location hidden on the south side of the tunnel begins with an indescribable view that reaches to the smallest local islands. Leaving the Dingač tunnel, you immediately reach one of the Madirazza vineyards.

winery, cellars, wine
wine, cellars, activities, dingac

Our basements

Quality, luxury and experience for all the senses are what you can expect in our basements. Learn more about the production process, the impact of barrels, and how to store wine while tasting Madirazza wines.

Dingač Grande Vinarija Madiraca Pelješac

Dingač Grande Madirazza | Madirazza Winery

Thick, linear wine that fills the whole mouth with each sip, and at the same time is easy to drink.
Vino Grk Herakles Vinarija Madirazza Pelješac


A wine that tells history because of its origin, it is characterized by a crystal light yellow color,
Dingač Grande Vinarija Madiraca Pelješac

Dingač Riserva

Thick, linear wine that fills the whole mouth with each sip, and at the same time is easy to drink.
Pošip Garbinada 5 bofora Vinarija Madirazza Croatia

Pošip 5BF

Well balanced fruity white wine made of Pošip grape variety. Refreshing and tasty!
Not every wine is Madirazza. Our success is a result of hard work and never-ending development. The only secret we have is hidden in wind, sun, soil, and sea.