Dingač Tramontana 9bf

Wine of impenetrable, dark, almost black color and full body.

Year 2012

Position Central and Southern Dalmatia

Serving temperature: 17-18 ° C

Dingač Tramontana 9BF is a full-bodied wine with accentuated extracts and acids. It is a real storm of flavors that develops from fruity, delicious aromas of ripe and overripe dark fruits, blackberries and red currants. The glass opens with notes of macchia, pepper and tea, which turn into fruity sensations of ripe cherries and prunes. It goes well with venison, pasticada, roast lamb, boar stew, brudet and blue fish.


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Not every wine can be Madirazza. Success is not a gift, it is a result of hard work and never-ending development. The only secret we have is hidden in wind, sun, soil, and sea.