Selection of our

best wines

Dingač Grande Vinarija Madiraca Pelješac

Selection of our

Best Wines

Selection story

We are proud of all of our wines. Nevertheless, there are stars among them. This is the story of the special selection of wines.
The beginning of Selection is always the same, we start by carefully choosing the best grapes. Raisins which were ripening in the sunniest position, hide a full flavour. We take the most pride in producing Grk and Dingač Grande Madirazza. There is a reason why the two are our most recognisable and best-selling products.

Selection story

Specially created series of wines, Bofori, have a perfect wine for every occasion. This series combines a modern, science-based approach with traditional manufacturing processes, thus creating an explosion of taste with each sip while leaving powerful aftertaste.

Vino Grk Herakles Vinarija Madirazza Pelješac


A wine that tells history because of its origin, it is characterized by a crystal light yellow color,
Dingač Grande Vinarija Madiraca Pelješac

Dingač Riserva

Thick, linear wine that fills the whole mouth with each sip, and at the same time is easy to drink.
Pošip Garbinada 5 bofora Vinarija Madirazza Croatia

Pošip 5BF

A refreshing white wine with an excellent balance between fruity notes and minerality.

Not every wine can be Madirazza. Success is not a gift, it is a result of hard work and never ending development. The only secret we have is hidden in wind, sun, soil and sea.