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Rose Pet Nat  Madirazza is a favorite of the summer. It is adorned by the freshness of the fragrance and the flutter of floral aromatics with accentuated fruity aromas of red berries, especially cranberries and strawberries.

It is refreshing and interspersed with sparkling bubbles, so we recommend it as an accompaniment to lighter dishes.

Pet Nat wines are naturally sparkling unfiltered wines. Unlike sparkling wines that undergo double fermentation, Pet Nat ferments only once and partially in the bottle. That is why in Rose Pet Nat Madirazza wine we notice bubbles and sediment which together give the wine a specific texture and complexity in taste.

You can find our other wines produced using the Pet Nat method here.


  • HRK: 82,88 Kn

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Not every wine is Madirazza. Our success is a result of hard work and never-ending development. The only secret we have is hidden in wind, sun, soil, and sea.

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